Underworld Auction

Saturday, March 28, 2020
8:00 EST | 7:00 CST | 5:00 PST
Mist Ward 5, Plot 45
Balmung Server

The Underworld Auction is a secretive event offering those who possess unique and well-honed skills in their areas of expertise to be bid on for contracts. From assassins and spies to surgeons and alchemists, we are auctioning the unique services of various members of the underground community.

The second half of the event is dedicated to auctioning GM's to lead an event for high bidders and their friends, sold under the pretext of being a "tactical consultation."

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Livia#7728 over Discord. Additionally, this year we have a discord server for organization. (https://discord.gg/2rNUxVb)

Bar Menu


Lominsan Rum and sparkling citrus juice served over ice with a fresh sprig of Coerthan mint.


Vermouth mixed with a dash of Summerford Orange Bitters and topped with blood currant.


Gridanian Bourbon Tonic served with honey lemon and ice.


Persimmon and cranberry liquor served with blood currants and Yanxian loquat over ice.


Ul'dahn rye whiskey garnished with smoked rosemary. Spicy with a mean kick.


Traditional absinthe cocktail served with bitters and Coerthan liquor.


All the above drinks mixed together, served in a bucket as elegant as a bucket can be.

Wineport White

Ishgardian Red

Specialty drinks

Nine Lives

Ishgardian whiskey-infused marshmallow melts into special Thavnairian dark. Contains a small dose of ground moko, which puts the drinker at ease with the world.

Mask On

Buttered rum topped with rich chocobo cream. Contains a modified dose of dreamweed, which can cause mild but not entirely unpleasant hallucinations.

Pleasant Surprise

This concoction thrusts the fate of the consumer into the hands of the server. Simple syrup, vodka, raspberries, and an unknown concoction left to the discretion of your bartender.

Mask Off

Bllackberry, black currant, and vodka in small scoops A single dose of somnus, which causes the drinker to relax, is hung off the side of a blood orange. Indulge at your own peril.

Small Dishes


Chicken Skewer

Apple Rose

Vegetable Samosa

Salmon Bites

Fruit Tart


1) Bidding begins 45 minutes after the doors open. All bids begin at 50k. Bids must be at least 50k higher than the last bid.

2) The auction will conclude as to each individual after approximately 45 seconds without a bid.

3) Please be prepared with gil on hand if you should win an auction. The house will hold your gil until the RP that was purchased is complete. We ask that all purchased RP be completed within 2 weeks. Extensions may be granted upon request.

4) Due to the nature of the event, we ask that all characters and players in attendance are adults. However, please note that adult content is not an element of this event.

5) Many of us play unkind characters, but we ask that players be mindful of their comments regarding participants. Ultimately, we want everyone to have a good time!


Because this is a criminal event, we like to think information about it is very tightly controlled and limited to the Eorzean underworld. However, OOC, we're not looking to exclude anyone so please don't feel unwelcome if your character happens to be more moral in nature, just know that we're not seeking to do law enforcement RP at this event!

Additionally, this is a formal event and so we ask that attendees dress their best!


To apply to be auctioned as an either an operative or tactician (GM), please complete the corresponding form(s).


Our auctionees are divided into two groups: operatives and tacticians. The first half of the auction will focus on operatives. Both roles are auctioning a minimum of two hours of their time.

Both Operatives and Tacticians have limitations listed in their profiles. However, please exercise common sense in understanding that there are some subjects which are not listed which are still not alright to broach without OOC consent. The only limitations explicitly listed are ones which appear unique to the character. Nobody is obligated to RP content that makes them uncomfortable.

For a listing of our registered auctionees, please see below:

Operatives are selling the IC services of their character through the plot hook of a contract.

The second portion of the auction will focus on the tacticians.

Tacticians are selling the OOC services of the player in crafting a story for their winning bidders and friends to enjoy.


Operatives offer a particular skill they are willing to contract out. They are considered experts in that particular task.

For a list of our registered skills specialists for auction, please see the listing via the star icon below


The second half of the auction will be dedicated to purchasing an OOC skillset under the guise of selling a "consultation with a tactician."

The "Tactician" is a player for hire to lead a story as a GM. They can either run a one-shot or custom tailored event for their winning bidders. These players will have profile pages listing their personal limitations.

This is ideal for players who want to enjoy a short story led by someone else.

Anyone who purchases a Tactician is welcome to request the GM play the role of an NPC.